A prominent feature in HARD’s cinematic trailers, Dillon Francis has been known to hog the spotlight, and with good reason. He’s hilarious. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, follow his Snapchat or scope his diva antics as half of Spoon Ü. Now, after scorching millions with This Mixtape Is Fire, Dillon has finally swooned his way onto the big screen for a cameo in Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.

To celebrate his breakout role, on October 28th, AMC Theaters will host the Ultimate Fan Experience in select locations across the U.S. In addition to an advanced screening of the movie, fans will be treated to a short film featuring Pizzaslime graphics and Dillon’s zombified alter ego “Dead Dillon.” Since Pizzaslime is involved, there’s got to be some kind of apparel, and fans are promised to walk away with a commemorative T-shirt.

Also, try not to get jealous, but those lucky enough to view the screening at AMC’s New York location will gain access to an exclusive after-party featuring a performance by Dead Dillon himself. We can’t wait to see how zombies dance to moombah. Tickets are available now at participating locations.


H/T Flick Direct