Imagine that you never learned anything. I know that’s difficult, but bear with me.

Imagine that when you were born, you were born into nothingness. There were no people around you, no objects, and nothing to actually guide you. Over time, your field of vision and environment began to populate and “things” started popping up. You developed language on your own, God knows how, but you did. You become tired of saying “that thing over there” so you started giving them names. Now imagine that on your 18th birthday or whenever, society flourished around you. “Things” now had socially recognized names, and they didn’t match yours. The dissonance was jarring, and it made you feel confused and awkward.

Now, listen to this remix from Udachi and let me know what you think.

Weird, right? The reverbed vocals resemble Empire of the Sun or M83, the bassline in the buildup sounds like a lot of indie pop songs right now, and it all sounds quite pleasant and peaceful. And then the drop… I can’t really discern a tempo, BPM, or influence. It sounds housey? I can’t really tell. The drop definitely isn’t hard to enjoy, it just really takes some getting used to.

Nick himself says, “He tapped into the secret new wave vibes of ‘Run’ for sure, this makes me think of ‘Goodbye Horses’ meets Underworld. This could turn out a warehouse or soundtrack a late-night Staten Island ferry trip, and I love him for that.”

Either way, if Udachi has gotten me to write this much about a track that I’m not even sure I like, then he’s done his job. Whether I like it or not, I’m going to listen to it over and over to find out if I do.

The Udachi remix drops on the More Smoke EP from Nick Catchdubs tomorrow. Purchase the original and more on his debut album Smoke Machine on iTunes now.