Electronic music has been taking such a huge turn. Boundaries are being broken left and right, genres are being beautifully smashed, and some of today’s biggest songs are getting huge remixes by such unique artists. An example of this comes from Ditta & Dumont, a powerful duo ready to take this industry by storm. They’ve released their own rendition of the sensational Justin Beiber’s song “What Do You Mean” and it was so platinum, we knew we needed to give it the Your EDM Premiere treatment.

It begins with a pumping bass line, and follows up with an upbeat build up, filled with  pieces of electronic blips. The first drop is energetic and wild, filled with high notes and complemented with low bass house growls. I really like how these guys knew how to smooth out JB’s voice in order to mold in with the more intense rhythms and pulses in the track as well. Keeping good vocals intact can make such a huge difference in a tune of this caliber. The second drop being different from the first is also an important touch Ditta & Dumont kept true to, and trust me this second drop just buzzes with vivacity. I love how they broke the rhythm down to a more trap infused vibe,  while still utilizing the higher pitched electronic notes.

I have got to say, these guys really surprised me with this tune. These days I see so many artists trying too hard, and it ends up being their downfall. This duo is proof there are still artists out there willing to do something different, while remembering to stay true to the sound they that makes them who they are. Look out for more amazing music by following their social media links below, as this will not be the last you hear of Ditta & Dumont.