Cyber Monday is our favorite day to buy new things all year long, and 2015 is no different. From laptops to apparel and everything in between, the deals are unbeatable, and for people that shop online holiday shopping has never been easier.

In celebration of this most sacred shopping day, we have joined with Damascus to exclusively launch a new product from their highly respected, EDM-inspired clothing line.

The new piece is their gorgeous Launchpad V2 Zip-Up Hoodie which we are giving away to a lucky reader below alongside a Facemask Package. If you don’t win, fret not! For today only you can use the promo code: CYBER25 at checkout for a 25% discount on your entire Damascus order – but hurry, the sale ends at midnight PST today – shop here!

Read more about their brand & plans below – follow Damascus on social media: FB / Twitter / Instagram

Hey guys, really stoked to be dropping this exclusively with you. Love your stuff! I’m really curious how you guys got started, take me through your beginning and how you found your brand.

The pleasure is ours, thanks for taking the time to interact with us.

The streetwear brand itself is quite new, considering the journey. In 2009 we formed Damascus as a custom apparel service-based business specifically targeting student organizations on college campuses. After forming partnerships with universities across the US, we grew into web /merchandise development and fulfillment for several different industries…stuff like gym franchises, private label for big box retailers, music labels, non-profits and tech startups. 2013 came along and we realized that we weren’t going to be able to connect with these clients on the personal level we wanted …Hungry to create something with real meaning, something infused with an uplifting message that could bring people together….We stopped all service-based business and the streetwear brand was born. We eventually were given a shot by MC Dino to develop the JunglePunk x Damascus collaborative project, which was a huge blessing to help gain traction within the culture.

It seems like you’ve blown up recently, and with all these new pieces the future looks bright…or dark, rather. What have you been doing to make yourself so successful, what artists are you working with that support you guys?

The Damascus brand is positioned to create and work with others. We feel the base formula for growth comes from a fusion of unremitting consistency, forbearance, timing, focus and treating people right. Luckily for us, the past 12 months have been an amazing journey as we have been able to connect with some of our creative idols. We have been truly blessed to have gained the support of so many creators. Our success has depended on many more, but here’s the highlight reel:

Datsik, Downlink, MC Dino, Grandtheft, Protohype, Snails, Keys N Krates, LAXX, LNY TNZ, Fred V Grafix, Brillz, Jauz, Mighty Fools, Bro Safari, Aero Chord, Nerd Rage, Armanni Reign, Revolvr, Lookas, Mantis, OOKAY, Cory Enemy, Botnek, Willy Joy, Boombox Cartel, Reid Speed, Antiserum, Ghastly, Fury, Funtcase, Gladiator, Butch Clancy, Kennedy Jones, Whyel, Sullivan King, HXV and Hatcha.


Tell me more about the Launchpad Hoodie V2 you’re dropping with us today. It looks sick!

Lately our releases have been treated almost like software updates. Before anything we are nerds, always have been, and always will be. We originally released the Launchpad hoodie a couple years ago and decided to recreate it. The design was produced to have a rich white printed side on the right and a darker inverted side on the left. It forms balance and gives off a ‘yin-n-yang’ ambiance – laced through the design it reads “We are all connected, The People of Silk and Steel”.  The heavy-weight piece also features a custom steal Damascus plate sewn on the side of the left pocket. Since an embedded message of ours is “We are all connected.” We develop our pieces modularized so they can be mixed and matched with other pieces.

joined final standing

What do you consider key signatures of your brand and their meaning?

Fortune tends to favor the bold. We wave a large monochromatic flag to capture visual attention. A fundamental part of our philosophy is that we are all connected…but, we also understand everyone sees what they want to, it’s their reality…Our aesthetic portrays this, the combination of sacred geometry balanced with modern technological symbols while sometimes containing philosophy quotes is not only seen by others, but felt. The extensive use of black fabrics and arrangement of design serve to enhance your body figure. Black isn’t evil, black is sleek, mysterious and is also the combination of all colors which further symbolizes the connectedness of us all.

Your brand shouts out “Create with us.” What does this mean?

The soul of any brand, culture, or community is defined by the people that are within it. Our energy is being spent on developing an ecosystem that attracts creators through the entire range within our understandable reality. Josh and I feel if you have tapped into your flow and are sharing it with the world, you are a creator. “Create with us” can be extended to [say] “Create this universe with us, a universe that is comprised of people that have tapped into how powerful, passionate, and talented they truly are.”

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