Indie dance is in a very strange spot right now. Many of the genre’s original icons have moved to experimenting with other genres, while recent artists like AlunaGeorge are in a transitionary period in their careers. Leave it to Australian record label Sweat It Out! to showcase an indie dance group helping keep the genre afloat with their latest release.

Los Angeles-based trio Overjoy are a fairly fledgling up-and-coming group, but if their new EP Breakfast is a sign of things to come, they’ve got a huge career in the works. The first track off the EP, “Love For Breakfast,” pairs the soft vocals from member Lex Famous with deep yet tropical production from producers Métty and Hoff, and the result is a fantastic combination of the hottest trends in dance music that also carves a voice for the group. “Airport Song,” the second track on the EP, slows the tempo down, but provides a nice contrast to the moods the group is capable of creating with their tracks.

Stream Overjoy’s Breakfast EP below, and head over to iTunes to purchase the EP.