No one can deny the incredible staying power that dance music has displayed in the last few years. The genre has been seemingly ever-growing, as more and more festivals are laying their roots, and more and more artists are topping these festival bills. While there is a massive pool of talented artists to pull from in dance music nowadays, very few will ever be able to parlay their success and make a real difference in the world like Hardwell has strived to do this year.

Over the summer, the Revealed Recordings boss announced that he was co-founding the United We Are Foundation with his manager, Anna Knaup, a charitable organization that strives to educate the impoverished youth of India, and the rest of the world. To celebrate this news, Hardwell performed at a charity concert in Mumbai on December 13th, waiving his personal appearance fee in favor of donating all of the proceeds to charity. For the record-setting show, Hardwell opened 75,000 spots on his personal guest list for over 125,000 pre-registered fans, while also accepting pledges and donations with the goal of providing educational aide for 3,000 children as they age from 8 to 18. Support for Hardwell’s record-setting show was so tremendous that the United We Are Foundation, in association with the Magic Bus Program, will be able to benefit over 18,000 children in India.

In addition to the news of his extremely successful charity show, Hardwell has also announced a special, 11-stop North American bus tour to kick off 2016. Featuring a trio of Revealed stars in Hardwell, Kill the Buzz, and Thomas Newson, these shows promise to bring Hardwell’s heavy-hitting electro style far and wide. You can get tickets to Hardwell’s bus tour here.