Production duo Sokko & Lyons have had a strong run, but it seems they’ve hit the end of their road together. They will be pursuing their solo careers, but not before releasing one last batch of goodies for their fans. Their swan song consists of a brand new collaboration named “Ride” with fellow young artists Stravy and Merchant and an official remix of their track “Dreamcatcher” by LA’s Cherney.

“Ride” is a high-energy tune that really reflects both Sokko and Lyon’s growth as producers and Merchant provides the stunning singing to this vocal anthem. The drop brings a pounding kick and some massive saws, which combine to create a melodic-yet-aggressive sound throughout the track. An unexpected trap break even makes its way into the second drop, showing the producers will be capable of tackling a number of genres in their future solo endeavors. Check it out below!

In addition to “Ride,” Sokko & Lyons have also released a final remix, with rising producer Cherney handling remix duties. He has turned their progressive house track “Dream Catcher” into a vibed-out future bass banger, tastefully maintaining Dan Henig’s beautiful vocals over an incredible chorus of soothing sounds. Cherney’s remix was definitely an appropriate final remix to release, as it captures the amount of emotions I’m sure the duo experienced when deciding to end their career together. Stream it here!

Both tracks are available for free download. Click HERE to download “Ride” and click HERE to download Cherney’s remix of “Dreamcatcher”!