Porter Robinson’s Worlds Tour was arguably one of the biggest tours to be announced in the past few years, receiving an overwhelming amount of support from fans. Some even went as far as recreating the show in its entirety, using only fan videos from different stops of the tour. Even almost a year since its inception, more videos are still emerging, and YouTube user Nickster2230 has just uploaded one of the coolest ones yet.

How Nickster2230 managed to get such a high-quality version of the track, I’ll never know. But, this is why I love the internet, as he’s taken Porter’s unreleased edit of Rustie’s Big Catzz,” and uploaded it with some amazing recreated, Worlds-themed visuals. The track itself is a really awesome edit of Rustie’s original, slowing it down a bit and throwing in some “Sad Machine” sounding samples. The visuals are spot-on, as they’re not direct copies of Porter’s own accompanying visuals, but maintain the same vibe you’d expect Worlds visuals to have.

Check it out below and click HERE to see the edit being played out live!