At the end of every year, various labels, producers and collectives make their attempt at a year-end mix. In general, these can range from dreadfully monotonous to unbelievably marvelous. I’m happy to say that the year-end mix from Kannibalen is the latter.

It’s essentially a solid hour of the dirtiest and most varied electro house a fan could ask for. It’s presented by Lektrique, and features interviews from many Kannibalen artists including Apashe, Dabin, Black Tiger Sex Machine, and evenĀ Snails.

Many year-end mixes will just give you a mix of the year’s tracks and be done with it, but Kannibalen really tried to give fans a real sense of reflection in theirs, and it shows through.

Listen to it below, kick back and relax for an hour … or don’t, I’m sure dancing is just as enticing.