If you’re still one of the people that uses unreliable and untrustworthy websites to download your music illegally, Google might actually be stepping in to give you a heads up about fake download buttons.

Google already warns users when they’re about to enter a site with a suspected virus, however now, their focus will also include fake download links.

You may have encountered social engineering in a deceptive download button, or an image ad that falsely claims your system is out of date. Today, we’re expanding Safe Browsing protection to protect you from such deceptive embedded content, like social engineering ads.

For users of sites like Hulkshare or Zippyshare, this could affect you.

People have been shown to decrease use of a site if it becomes too cumbersome; it’s possible that this change to Google’s security protocol might lead more users to purchasing music. However, that’s likely just a pipe dream.


Your EDM does not endorse the illegal downloading of music. Please use reputable retailers to purchase your favorite artist’s music.