Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are two of the most brilliant minds in music, let alone electronic dance. As with any duo, the workflow between them is a unique blend of back and forth, resulting in the genius we know as Daft Punk. Thomas Bangalter is more the frontman, taking the lead with ideas, while de Homem-Christo provides crucial input to tweak them to perfection. Their legendary status as gods of dance music is well-deserved, and their live performances are revered as contemporary spectacles which inspired the likes of Deadmau5Skrillex, and more. Now, it seems like half of the French duo might be stepping back into the spotlight.

Of course, it’s entirely speculation at this point, but through unverified social media accounts, someone has been uploading music videos set to Thomas Bangalter’s solo work. So far, there are three videos are set to the sensuous dancing of beautiful women, with “Club Soda” providing the perfect soundtrack. All the tempting warmth of Daft Punk’s signature groove is present, and Seb Janiak’s cinematography encapsulates the essence of the track’s 1998 release. Surely, if this was a true comeback, this would be a much bigger deal than it currently is. So for now, we’ll stifle our hope and accept these videos for what they are: classic.


H/T Mixmag