EDM’s favourite mystery producer (sorry MALAA) is back with another single off of his forthcoming album, GENERATIONWHY. While we’re not sure whether or not “Palm of My Hand” is a single 0r just another track on the album just yet, it’s nevertheless the perfect kind of house music to get your morning started with.

The track feels almost like a movie with how it’s split into different segments. The intro kicks off with a riveting and soulful electric guitar piercing through some atmospheric chords and a police siren sample before fading away to the backdrop behind a tight bass-line and synths. When the classic hypnotic-sounding ZHU vocals come in so do the lush piano chords before we transition into a segment highlighted with some sultry French vocals before ZHU closes the song out with some excellent violin work.

All in all, ZHU showcases an incredible ability to juggle so many different moving parts within one track without it ever feeling heavy-handed at any point. Get ready ladies and gentlemen, because on July 29th, GENERATIONWHY will finally be here! Pre-order it here.