A brand new Kickstarter campaign has launched today, coming as one of the most ideal selections for fans of the ever popular glow in the dark rave gear. The Gemio Band is a customizable wristband that uses millions of light colors, vibration patterns and effects to connect the wearer with the music and people around them.

Gemio also announced a new partnership with the charity Love is Louder due to their shared commitment to supporting relationships, creating stronger communities and building positive in-person experiences. The MyGemio App will include a Love is Louder Channel – all subscribers, around the world, will periodically receive light signals reminding us that we are all connected.

In addition, wearers of the Gemio Band will be able to sync the device with their smartphones and control the patterns within the MyGemio app. The colors that are emitted from the band align with the color of clothes being worn, nearby people, and the music being played. More Advanced Effects can even allow the user to mimic flowing water or raging fire as they move their hand across the band.

One of the most interesting features of the Gemio Band is its ability to communicate with others near it. By setting a specific color sequence or vibratory pattern, friends can indicate to each other where they are or if they’d like to meet up. Different colors can be assigned to each member of the group, allowing each person to know who they message they’re receiving is from. Finally, wearers can subscribe to specific Channels so that their wristband will light up in accordance with points being scored or when the DJ takes the stage.

The individual tiles that make up the outer part of the band can be easily swapped out and customized. Users can choose from a wide selection of Prints, Gems and Textures to fully personalize their wristband’s look.

“The best experiences in life are the ones where we’re in the moment, expressing our true selves and connecting with friends in a real way. Gemio technology was developed to enhance those experiences by easily adapting to our personal styles, immersing us in the moments we care about (sports, music, causes), and giving us the freedom to stay connected to our friends in those moments without staring at a phone screen.” – Michael Bettua, CEO and co-founder of Gemio

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