At 7am PST/10am EST this coming Wednesday, The Chainsmokers say they will have a major announcement.

A new countdown timer appeared on their website that ends at 7am PST on Wednesday the 19th and it’s anyone’s guess what it could mean. The website tells fans to follow their ‘Nice Hair’ playlist on Spotify to be the first to find out, which could very well mean that it’s music related – perhaps an album? They’ve said in the past that they weren’t really thinking about an album at the moment, and it really depended on how badly their fans wanted one, so maybe they’ve switched gears.

Another possibility, however out there it may be… the timer ends on the day that the #1 DJ is announced. We’re not saying that The Chainsmokers are going to be the new #1 DJs, but it’s definitely something to consider. In fact, if you look at the rankings last year, The Chainsmokers aren’t even on it at all. With the success they’ve experienced over the past year, it’s anyone’s guess how high they’ll be this year.

A lot of people on the announcement on Twitter are replying, guessing that it will be the “Closer” music video. But considering there was already a lyric video that essentially doubled as a music video, we’re not sure how likely that really is.

Any way you slice it, we’ll all want to keep an eye on The Chainsmokers come next Wednesday morning.