The internet is ablaze once again this morning with rumors of a Daft Punk headlining festival appearance, this time at next year’s installment of Glastonbury Festival in the UK. The information comes from festival forum site, which has apparently been a credible source for festival lineup leaks in the past.

The statement in question regarding Daft Punk reads:

“eFestivals currently believes that next year Radiohead will be given that opportunity to headline on Saturday. We also strongly believe The Stone Roses are the front runners to top the bill on Sunday, and while we are less certain on the third headlining act, we have had what should be well-sourced information several months ago, that it’s supposedly Daft Punk topping the bill on the Friday.”

We’ve already heard the rumors that Daft Punk is headlining Coachella, or Lollapalooza Chile, or a myriad other festivals around the world and the only thing we know is that we really don’t know anything. You can have all the credible sources in the world, including the head director of festival booking in your back pocket, and I still won’t believe anything until I see their name on a lineup.

The rumors are given some sort of “Mercury in retrograde” level of extra credence this year because Daft Punk supposedly tours every ten years – notably, Alive 1997 and Alive 2007. But here’s the thing, they also toured in 2006, and we haven’t seen them at a show this year. Even with the release of their last album, Random Access Memories, there was no tour in support of the release.

So here’s the thing: until I see their name on an actual lineup from the actual source themselves, I’m not going to feed into the hype and just end up disappointed. Of course I’ll be happy if they do end up playing shows next year, but I’m not going to hold my breath.