If you’ve been a fan of French house in the past five years, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Uppermost. The prodigious producer has released a number of albums over the years, averaging more than one a year. Next year, he will release his next album, Origins (2011-2016), via his own independent label UPPWIND.

Due for release next February 10, the album is a 23-track collection of re-releases and unreleased music from the past five years of Uppermost’s career. It will also be the first commercial release for fan-favorites Beautiful Light, Reminder, and Mistakes, as well as previously-released music, including his breakout hit Flashback.”

As a result, the album is wildly different than anything you’d hear come out today, simply because some of these tracks were created five years ago.

“This LP is a way for me to go back to what really feels true to my heart,” Uppermost explains. “I wanted to take a step back, not think about anyone else’s expectations, and make something I could be deeply proud of: this LP is the expression of my artistic vision without concessions.”

Coming out February 2017, the 23-track career-spanning collection LP Origins (2011-2016) is Uppermost’s first full-length release since 2014’s Evolution. It follows 2015’s New Moon EP and 2016’s Impact EP.

Origins (2011-2016) Tracklist:

1. Constellation [New Unreleased]
2. Emotion [New Unreleased]
3. Beautiful Light [1st Release on Digital Platforms]
4. Reminder [1st Release on Digital Platforms]
5. Stay in Love
6. Flashback
7. Angels
8. Mistakes [1st Release on Digital Platforms]
9. Hope
10. Left Unsaid
11. Alive [New Unreleased]
12. Devotion
13. Fly
14. Thousand Colors [New Unreleased]
15. Imagine Reality
16. Lovely Soul
17. Love
18. Meteor [New Unreleased]
19. Visions
20. Revolution
21. The Core
22. Atmosphere [New Unreleased]
23. Origins [New Unreleased]

Image via Uppermost