Fanburst, a new streaming service catered towards musicians and listeners looking for a simple and free solution to other sites, has recently – well – burst onto the scene. It boasts an unlimited upload option for creators, as well as an unlimited streaming option for fans, making the project an appealing alternative to services like Soundcloud. Uploaded tracks can reach up to one gigabyte in size, with no limit as to the amount of tracks a user can post.

One of the most attractive parts of the site, however, is the layout. The clean and minimal look of the profiles, home page and specially curated genre lists allow the focus to remain on the music itself. Rather than employ an army of advertisements, suggested options or cosmetic riffraff, Fanburst has taken the best qualities from its competitors and reduced it down to only their most essential components. The result is a browsing experience that instantly feels familiar and easy to learn.

On the Popular tab, listeners can scroll through the songs that users are viewing the most, categorized by day or week. If one is looking for a Pandora-esque experience, Fanburst has also included specially designed playlists divided by genre that incorporate a wide diversity of similar tracks large and small for users to explore. Combined with the Trending Artists tab, the site has everything an average user needs to discover new material based on their own preferences.

For artists, the profile is extremely simplistic in design and usable features. Similar to Soundcloud, there are options to upload a profile picture and connect social media accounts. The most useful feature, however, is the native import of Soundcloud tracks that have already been uploaded. With the click of a button, artists can import their audio, artwork, description and links from Soundcloud to their Fanburst account, making the transition between services quick and painless.

Despite still being in its beta stage, Fanburst’s potential to provide a viable alternative to Soundcloud is great. With the addition of more profile customization options and a greater influx of big-name artists to the site, the official release of the complete website is likely to draw a healthy portion of Soundcloud users in the market for something different.

To create your own, free Fanburst account and begin uploading unlimited music now, click here.