It’s been a minute since we last heard from Steve Void. Since he dropped his last single “Chemistry,” Steve’s been busy on tour with Matoma, Cheat Codes, and more, so it’s good to see him back in the studio with another release.

“Never Been Better” showcases a more mature side to Steve as he explores new territory alongside Grace Tither’s soulful vocals. Lasting synths drive the track forward as powerful kicks seek to captivate us from start to finish – a technique that Steve has been perfecting over the years.

If you missed Steve on the road last time around you might just be in his luck if you’re in Europe as he’s just announced his Never Been Better spring tour which will see him touch down in Scotland, London, Paris, and more.

“Never been Better is about shaping up and getting ready to show the world who I am and what I am made of. Outside of that feeling, it is about showing that I have never felt more confident and ready to start all of this with everything I have learned over the last few months… both in private and work wise. It has been a roller coaster from when I hopped on the US tour till now and this is just the perfect song to describe my personal and work feelings all in one song.”

Stream it below, grab the free download here and check out the tour poster below for European dates!