The Chainsmokers have done it again. “Closer” reigns supreme in #1 in the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Charts, a staggering 26 consecutive weeks at the top, tying Avicii for most weeks at #1.

Avicii set the record back in 2013-2014 with “Wake Me Up” on tracking week September 23rd, 2013 only to be supplanted, ironically, with his own follow-up single “Hey Brother.”

“Closer” has been on top of the charts since September 3rd and is still going strong in all tracking formats – streams, downloads, and radio play. “Paris” remains in second place for the fourth straight week so we’ll see if the same thing happens again with a follow-up single knocking down the reigning #1 champ.


H/T: Billboard | Featured Image Source: Lester Cohen