When I listen to tracks with vocals, especially EDM tracks, I admit that I often just listen to them as another instrument – notes with their own key, rhythm and cadence that layer on top of production to execute an additional effect. I haven’t really found the actual lyrics in EDM to be especially provocative, so I don’t generally pay attention. “Fall,” from D!avolo, featuring Colin & Caroline, just made me pay attention.

Beyond its modern production sensibilities and easily accessible rhythm, complete with something like a phased harmonica and staccato synths, Colin & Caroline’s lyrics are equally wonderful.

“The only time you come around at all / Is to see how far you can make me fall”

The quaint duet of female and male vocals against each other is a tried and true practice that’s notably¬†effective in “Fall.” Listen below, and remember to grab your free download if you dig it.


Stream on Spotify: spoti.fi/2lCWEFH
Buy on iTunes: apple.co/2m98PaX