Since we first heard “Hard To Love” by Matthew Koma, we’ve been in love. Koma’s inimitable vocals are on full display in the original, giving us goosebumps and making us bob our head uncontrollably. That being said, this remix from Midnight Kids definitely gives the song another layer of greatness.

Melding some harder synths in the drop with the flourishing and light melodic chords, as well as Koma’s vocals (an instrument on their own), gives new life to the track. Most of the vocals are left intact because, honestly, why would you mess with something that’s already great?

The final drop is really where the remix deviates from the original, though, employing a much rougher and more textured synth drop to follow with the melody. Overall, the whole remix is fantastic and we’ll be adding this to our weekend playlists for sure. Check it out below!