I’ve already stated in over a dozen other reviews that I absolutely love horns in dance music. From Alexander Lewis to Brasstracks to that one ID from Odesza (you know the one), natural horns add an incredible element to dance music.

Now, I’m actually digressing a little bit because there aren’t any actual horns in the song “Horns” by Bryce Fox, but I love this remix by Danny Olson all the same. The vocals are for sure a focal point of the song, and Bryce Fox has that effortless voice that can carry a tune on its own, but the original rock track is completely transformed with Danny Olson’s production. In fact, some of the orchestral twists placed on the remix are far and above one of my favorite aspects.

Producers can definitely take notes from Danny Olson on how to craft a remix that both accompanies and augments the original – this is a masterpiece. Check it out below: