DJ Snake’s headlining set during the final evening of Ultra Miami’s 2017 installment came as a welcome throwback to his powerful and unforgettable performance in 2016. Featuring a wild concoction of tracks old and new, the set was a perfect culmination of everything that makes DJ Snake one of the best and most influential tastemakers in the genre.

During his set, between the vinyl spinning and diverse array of genre representation, the Frenchman even managed to find time to bring out rapper Future for a quick guest track. As the iconic flute sample of “Mask Off” began, the two threw down a heavy and trap-centered moment to a bubbling sea of fans. Coming as the ideal break between visceral EDM heaters, the acclaimed hip hop single fit right into the otherwise bass-heavy mix of DJ Snake’s favorite tunes. The duo went on to play “Jumpman” to another healthy round of whoops and cheers.

Check out a clip of the action below.


Image: Rukes