Voltra, an online music streaming and purchasing startup company, has just launched a new way for users to pay for the songs they love.

Much like the iTunes store, Voltra allows users a free preview listen of the track in consideration before they buy. Unlike the competitors, however, users are not required to immediately spend the full purchase price once they decide to own the song.

With each new listen of the song, users are charged a fraction of the full price. Once they hit 10 plays, they own the track and do not have to spend any more.

With Voltra, the benefits also translate to the artists who decided to partner with the service. According to Forbesthe company gives artists 100% of earned revenue if they partner with Voltra directly. If they use a distributor, Voltra takes 10%.

In a time where “owning” music in the traditional sense is quickly becoming a thing of the past, Voltra appears to be taking the next step toward a newly defined relationship between artists, listeners and the sites responsible for hosting the content.


Source: Forbes