Flume previously promised us a fifth, previously unreleased record on Skin Companion EP 2 once the 12-inch vinyl version would be released. Well lucky for us it comes out today and “Hyperreal” is that fifth release on the EP. Once again Flume teams up with Kučka, whom he’s already worked with twice on Skin, for this new single “Hyperreal” which sees the producer branch out to a more mid-tempo style release.

In fact, after a few listens I might be tempted to call this release a house single. The bass line and drums are definitely reminiscent of a house record while Kučka’s ethereal vocals add another dimension to the record. That’s not to say it isn’t very ‘Flume-esque’ per se. The sound design, songwriting, and arrangement are certainly all there but it’s great to see him experiment nevertheless.

Featured Image Source: Jason LaVeris