Emmit Fenn‘s latest song “1995” sounds like bittersweet dream…

In fact that’s exactly what he’s going for, as the lyrics paint a picture of a failed relationship, while the only possibility of it working out exists in a dreamworld.

In just a short time, the LA-based producer has flourished in the electronic music scene. His 2015 breakout hit “Painting Greys” put him on the map and racked up millions of plays, followed by his daring track “Blinded,” then “Modern Flame” featuring Yuna. “1995” is a prime example of the classically trained artist’s composition abilities. With talent like this, you’ll definitely be hearing more from Emmit Fenn.

The dreamy track comes to life in the official “1995” music video below!

Emmit Fenn – 1995 (Official Music Video)


Posted by Emmit Fenn on Thursday, May 4, 2017

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