Post Malone’s “Congratulations” became a worldwide phenomenon when it dropped in January, and it’s taken this long for BKAYE and TELYKast to put their own spin on the track.

Post Malone’s tunes are already pretty melodic for hip hop, which tends to make them ideal for remixing with an already established melody. This is in comparison most hip hop, which usually just has a “beat” rather than a “melody.” That being said, future bass is generally the genre of choice when tackling a remix for melodic rap, and BKAYE and TELYKast do it with panache.

Though the future bass in this track isn’t exactly ground breaking in any way, it fits nicely around the verses in “Congratulations” and should give DJs another tool for playing out at shows if the original isn’t the right vibe.

Check it out below.


Image via Bluntiq