It’s always a breath of fresh air when you encounter an artist that is building momentum and capturing a huge audience with solely inspiring originals. There almost lies an extra layer of credibility, authenticity and legitimacy behind these creators. Hence such artists are likely to quickly get snapped up by lurking labels, hoping to capitalise on such talent. Dillistone, a born nomad and love child of Copenhagen, Shanghai and London is a perfect example of such a creator.

Today at YourEDM, we have the privilege of premiering his latest original, ‘Don’t Know Why’. This latest original track presents a intricate representation into the progression of the developing nu-pop sound of 2017. Initiating with those Ed Sheeran, Major Lazer and recent Calvin Harris-esque marimba stabs. This original blends a smooth pop-orientated sound with a more disco inspired sound. The disco elements drawn in by  layers of suspended progressions and the calming vocals of talented singer-songwriter, Lili N. This original climaxes in an array of chopped vocals and smooth synths. Instantly taking you to the fore-coming Ibiza sunset parties of 2017.

Dillistone, a naturally talented musician has already received props from the likes of BOSE Audio and Formula 1 Racing for his unique and thought-provoking sound. This latest original is another seemless addition to his developing portfolio which we are ever excited to see realise. Open up those summer playlists and get this jam placed for those summer parties just around the corner.