When it comes to house music, there is no taste-maker as relevant as Tchami. With everything he does, from releasing a record on his label Confession, to playing songs in his sets, he lets the world know about good house music.

After releasing his latest single, “Adieu,” on the aforementioned Confession, Tchami has given a rising star the opportunity to remix it. Chace, a talented producer hailing from Shanghai, has spun “Adieu” right around. With the original being very grandiose and used mostly as a set-closer, Chace has turned the track into a record for peak times on the dance floor.

This remix truly shines in the first drop, where Chace takes Tchami’s original bass line, funked it up a bit, and turned up the energy. Combined with the use of a brilliant call and response between a vocal chop from the original sample and a guitar lick, you can’t help but dance in whatever setting you’re in.

After a short yet interesting break, Chace takes us around for round 2 of the remix. Sticking with the vibes of the original with this drop, Chace keeps the same grooving drums from the first drop but spices up the bass line of the original with a completely different sound.

A wonderful remix of the masterpiece that is “Adieu,” Chaces debut on Confession is a tasteful take on the original and sure to be heard on many dance floors in the coming months.

Purchase a copy of Chace’s remix of “Adieu” here and listen below!