Snapchat isn’t going down without a fight. In spite of Facebook’s determination to pull the rug out from under the social media platform, it’s fighting back tooth and nail with innovative programming and new approaches to courting the short-attention-span millennials.

In deals with NBCUniversal, ESPN, ABC, Turner, NFL, and several others, Snapchat will be bringing on-demand TV content to its Stories section. The episodes will be┬áthree- to five-minute┬áminisodes. There’s no confirmation yet on what type of content you’ll be seeing on Snapchat when it rolls out, but based on the players involved, it should be quality.

This marks Snap Inc.’s second foray out of its original function, i.e., sharing disappearing videos and pictures with friends. The first was their first piece of original hardware called Spectacles, which has become popular with many social media influencers and basic users alike.

Can Snapchat break away from its stereotype and come ahead as a major power player in media and communications? We’ll have to wait and see.