Slushii is one of the fastest rising producers right now. Just over a year ago, fans of dance music were excited about the new, talented producer coming onto the scene. He released a few tracks in a few days, and quickly proved himself as force to be reckoned with.

On top of the world recently, Slushii has since put out a ton of music, and has been touring quite heavily. Unfortunately, it may have gotten to him… he just deleted every single one of his tweets, except for one:

Concerns go out to Slushii, as this may be a case of burn-out, something very common when up-and-coming artists start touring heavily right off the bat.

Slushii is doing just fine. Sometimes it’s necessary for a producer to put away “toxic” social media apps, as he said in his own words, to focus fully on music. And if that means new material, we’re all for it.


H/T: EDM Sauce | Photo: Rukes