Boston-based producer SCRVP has been a leading industry tastemaker for years now, running the show behind one of the most innovative labels in underground bass music, MMXVAC. Despite his busy role, however, he’s even found time to take his inspirations and influences and put them to the proverbial paper, crafting tracks that showcase his understanding of the scene he’s simultaneously helping to build. Today, Your EDM has the pleasure of premiering his latest effort, “Helix,” a dark and twisted trap heater worthy of the label’s notorious release roster.

The track starts off with an ominous series of distant, distorted vocals above an almost-tribal percussion section, working together to create a menacing atmosphere before the break. Suddenly, a looped vocal sample carries the energy to a dark realm of shrill, scraping percussive hits and rumbling sub bass. After a brief cool down, the lead sample is delayed even further from the beat to create a wild and swirling blend of elbow-throwing fuel.

Listen to “Helix” below, and click here to download your copy.