With every major festival comes some major complaints… This year at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, fans are complaining about problems like horrific shuttle services and ridiculous traffic. With these issues, fans are waiting 3-4 hours to get to the festival — leading to several reports of dehydration during wait times.

Right now, for instance, it’s 105 degrees and sunny af. So, while waiting in line is a “first world problem,” dehydration is a real thing this crowd isn’t prepared for.

Insomniac boss Pasquale Rotella has been known to be quite vocal about issues surrounding his events, and this time is no different. Reassuring fans about their importance, Pasquale took to social media to tell the “headliners” of his event that they are important and they’re working on issues.

“We hear you loud and clear on all issues related to traffic, shuttles, and Premiere Parking,” he said. “This is not the level of experience you deserve, and we are working to fix these problems. Keep the lines of communication open. If you have an issue or question, please let us know via social media. We also encourage you to ride share whenever possible, or take advantage of our new, free Park & Ride option.”

We gotta give Pasquale, Insomniac, and EDC in general, major props for addressing problems like this head on. Be safe, and stay hydrated out there in Sin City!

Check out the full post below:

Photo via Ivan Meneses for Insomniac