Diplo may have been called out by Katy Perry as her worst recent lover, but there’s clearly no hard feelings as the two might be teaming up on a new project together!

American Idol, FOX’s iconic singing competition show, is reportedly in talks with both stars as part of a multi-million dollar reboot on ABC. Word on the street is that Katy already signed a deal and Diplo mentioned he’s working something out with producers as well.

“I’ve also been talking to American Idol on the side to try to help them with the (ABC network reboot) with Katy,” Diplo said.

While Katy Perry will serve as the show’s headlining judge, there’s no telling at this stage what Diplo’s role would be. But, one thing is for sure — when American Idol makes its comeback, it’s going all out!

Over 15 seasons, the series has exposed a lot of talented contestants like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Adam Lambert just to name a few; with no shortage of elite judges such as Paula Abdul, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, and Simon Cowell, of course. With Katy and Diplo in key leading roles with the reboot, we can probably expect some more edginess, creative curation, and at the very least some entertaining moments!

Guess winning the bronze medal in the sex olympics isn’t such a bad thing after all!


Source: Dancing Astronaut