When Niker Groze’s new single, “Shake that Booty” opens, the funky bassline will instantly remind EDM fans of Daft Punk, but this fun, summery track combines a number of different layers of sound. While the Indian-born rapper identifies strongly with hip hop, it’s clear he wants to bring fun, danceable beats to both hip hop and EDM.

Aside from the funky, disco-style bassline, “Shake that Booty” has a snare-driven beat which is also reminiscent of disco and disco house from the 90s. His rap lyrics are also quite positive and funky – think Redfoo from LMFAO – and could be seen as yet a further nod to disco.

The video for “Shake that Booty” is upbeat and positive, posing Groze as sort of a dance cupid, wandering around the city as a mad dance phenomenon, getting people to get up and dance. The video, while fun and silly, speaks to the ability of dance to unify and add positivity to the world. It’s a fun, adorable example of how house and dance can lift spirits any time and any place.

Niker Groze has a number of other singles on his Soundcloud page, but “Shake that Booty” will likely be his anthem for the summer.