Blair has been stunning fans with his combination of pop and indie influence and his dance inspired beats that have left fans stunned. Lending his own impeccable vocal talents to a feel good indie inspired tune, Blair returns with his latest hit “Oceans” that will kick off your day with a little kick in your step. Reminiscent of Passion Pit and other indie electronica type acts, Blair creates an atmosphere of dance meets alternative in new ways that leaves you feeling refreshed and smiling. Talking on this track, Blair states:

“In the year this record took to make, I found myself unsatisfied with the process of electronic music production. I felt like i was inside a box. This record came whole the moment real instruments were introduced. I wanted people to hear the imperfect human element that has been all but replaced by its robotic emulations. Perfection is boring.”

Make sure to check out “Oceans” below and snag the free download for your new favorite morning wake up track, and keep up with Blair as he continues to debut an impressive array of new tracks!