Donned as the dinosaur king of the bass music world, Excision has solidified himself as a dubstep massive with his unparalleled sounds and arrangement. Inspiring hundreds upon hundreds of producers and fans to take up the production mantle, one fan decided to try his hand at remixing the legend and dropped a complete banger of a remix that cannot be missed. Denver-based Decadon took his tracks to the next level with his massive flip of Excision’s “Neck Brace” featuring Messinian and shows why he has won the hearts of Colorado bassheads.

Combining crushing bass lines and flawless arrangement with killer percussive elements, Decadon takes the Excision tune to a next level that will leave you in disarray. Decadon has continued to show his progression as a massive bass act, receiving Excision’s support behind the track. Make sure to peep the remix below and snag the free download ASAP!