I’ve been in dance music long enough that you might call me an old fart… and that’s really okay. I’ve seen the rise of trap music and the fall of big room, and I’ll still be here when it’s all over. One of my favorite eras in dance music was the inimitable golden age of electro house, when heavily textured synths and wild melodies ruled the dance floor. While that era is mostly gone, one man strives to keep it alive… PatrickReza.

He’s just released a new track today, “Overdrive,” that feels like EDC 2010, back at the coliseum, as a friend of mine said. And that’s not for nothing either – according to the description on the track on Soundcloud, Reza was inspired after seeing Justice’s set at Coachella this year.

“During their set I saw everyone dancing, having a good time, present, and in the moment. No phones to block our view, just a crowd of people hungry for good times and good music. It was extremely refreshing to see the audience engaged and tuned in to the music and after getting home, I knew I had to capture or document that energy and feeling in the form of “Overdrive”, an homage to those that came before me and influenced me to create and continue to evolve as a musician, performer, and artist mashed up with my own melodic bass heavy sounds.”

“Overdrive” is a wild track with all of the makings of a classic: heavily textured synths, a melody that you can’t get enough of, a rhythm that you can’t help but dance to. The fact that you can both headbang and shuffle to this track simultaneously with such ease is a testament to its wonderful arrangement and inventiveness.

My one criticism is that I wish it had a real ending rather than just cutting out so suddenly… but in the grand scheme of things, I couldn’t really care less.

Check it out below.