One of Monstercat‘s most talented just might have a hit on his hands. Ever since he revealed his Summer Was Fun alias in 2014, Scott Stanley has made it his mission to create more melodic, bright and – fittingly – summery music than that of his DotEXE project. Though this transition may not have gone over super well with his hardcore basshead fans, Stanley has – without out a doubt – accomplished his goal, pushing out nothing but candy-sweet tunes with euphoric melodies and lovable vocals.

What makes Summer Was Fun’s latest single any different? Well, to get straight to the point, “Love Back On” is – without a doubt – the most commercial-sounding track Stanley has released yet under either of his aliases. However, don’t confuse “commercial” for “distasteful” in this case. The track – though outside of the original “indie” vibe Stanley was going for with the alias – is still 100% Summer Was Fun, carrying Stanley’s distinctive production elements all the way through.

Fittingly, “Love Back On” carries the sound of summer here in 2017. The track comes out of the very poppy wave of future bass that has blown up recently, but stands out with its absolutely stunning vocals (thank Emelie Cyréus for that), spastic chops and thoughtfully-filled layers. The song’s crossover appeal is undeniable, and we’d love to see this one hit radios worldwide this summer. Hey, it happened for “Alone,” so getting another Monstercat single in the airwaves is definitely not out of the question.

Listen to “Love Back On” and download the track below:

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