Soon, Burning Man will be lit — both literally and figuratively — but, can people legally light up a joint at the Playa? It’s complicated…

While recreational marijuana recently became legal in Nevada for those 21 and up, Burning Man falls on federal land, and federally, weed is still considered a Schedule I drug. Of course, tell that to the 68,000 people about to take over the Black Rock Desert, with art, music, and beautiful, fiery madness.

“For a lot of people, Burning Man is self-discovery. Burning Man is a place to find yourself in new ways,”  CEO of the Reno-based cannabis consulting firm Pistil and Stigma, Rebecca Gasca told the Reno Gazette-Journal.

While marijuana Mary Jane won’t be on the guest list, we know she’ll be there. A weed budget is even figured into Time Money’s Burning Man 2017 total cost assessment. But, Burners should light up at their own risk — because yes, it is technically illegal.


Source: Reno Gazette-Journal