Rich Chigga is much more than a rapper now. Rich Chigga is a straight-up internet icon.

Having just turned 18 and boasting 10’s of millions of plays on most YouTube uploads, it’s no wonder that I find myself scoping every new track of his on release day. Rich has the two must-haves of a superstar: mad talent and a ravenous fan base.

Today just so happens to be another release day for him too; specifically for his new single “Chaos” which focuses on his newfound sexual legality. It’s pretty ignorant, akin to most of the rappers in his class, but there’s something about Chigga that keeps me replaying his songs over and over again.

This latest is already on the verge of surpassing 1 million streams on YouTube in under 12 hours and it’s not very difficult to understand why.

Enjoy –

Photo credit: Highsnobiety