Steve Angello is all about being mysterious with his latest music projects, and with the insane productions he’s been putting forth, the cryptic messages are worth every bit of the hype!

Angello’s three-part album Almost Human signifies different stages of his life: Act I – GenesisAct ll – Inferno, and Act lll – Paradiso, all of which will come to life through masterfully crafted storytelling. As chapter I comes to a close, we have another hint at the next.

“FREEDOM” the teaser videos spell out as a fierce soundscape with a dark undertone begins to build piece-by-piece. Angello isn’t just teasing these cryptic messages for the sake of doing it. He has totally reinvented the way he makes and releases music, as detailed in a recent comment by the producer.

“After months of disconnect I felt I had to change the way I made music, change the way I thought of music and the way I felt about music. First step was to reinvent my live performance and to do that we changed the whole way we presented the art-form we all loved unconditionally.”

Listen to the Angello’s next chapter below…

Steve Angello – FREEDOM