This is seriously cute af… Australia just legalized same-sex marriage last Thursday, and Alison Wonderland welcomed the monumental progression with an on-stage engagement during her set over the weekend!

The Wonderland Scarehouse Project, which took place at a secret farm location in Sydney, was the perfect setting for two fans to celebrate their love and the huge win for equality. As the couple exchanged a ring, a promise, and a kiss — the precious moment was all caught on camera.

Alison Wonderland took to her personal Twitter account to share the news along with some incredible photos of the engagement: “Congrats to the two amazing women who got engaged during my set on the weekend. Australia just passed the same sex marriage bill & I was so honoured to be able to help with this proposal. Love is love.”

The engagement truly took place in Wonderland! Sending this happy couple lots of love and congratulations!

Proposal In Wonderland

Photo via aLIVE Coverage