Skrillex just turned 30 and he’s overwhelmed by all of the love he has received for one more trip around the sun!

Sonny Moore was born born January 15, 1988, and little did anyone know that he would grow up to change the music game forever. He touched the lives of many with his band From First to Last, before transforming into Skrillex and pioneering dubstep in ways our ears couldn’t believe. Over the years, he has given a voice to a countless amount of artists and exposed the world to fresh new music through his label OWSLA.

At just 30 years old, Skrillex is one of the most accomplished musicians of our time. But what speaks even louder volumes is all the lives he’s touched, all the artists he’s influenced, all the talent he’s brought to the spotlight during his time on earth. For many, Skrillex is an idol, a collaborator, a friend, a mentor, and most definitely an inspiration.

It’s no wonder so many people are wishing Skrill a very happy birthday! Us included.

Happy Birthday, Skrillex! We hope your 30th was everything and more!

EDM Wishes Skrillex A Happy Birthday

Fans even got in on the action…


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