You ever wake up in the morning and find yourself in the chilly mountains of a foreign country with only your beloved dog and a pot of coffee slowly percolating outside your tent? Probably not that often, but that’s exactly how LIHO’s new song “Fly Away With Me” makes us feel.

The song is soft in all the right places, playing with melodies and steel drums, tantalizing synths and an easy-going beat. It’s a lullaby in the best ways, drawing you into a sense of peacefulness and serenity, slowly pushing away all negative thoughts. It’s a home remedy for unwanted machinations in the form of a musical composition, the easiest form to digest.

It’s doubtful you’d hear “Fly Away With Me” dropped in any sets other than LIHO’s own, but sometimes that isn’t the point of music like this anyway. Check it out below and grab the free download if you’re feeling it.