Who the fuck is 1788-L?

After putting out a remix for Virtual Self last month, they followed up two weeks later with a new original, and now a week after that, a remix for Daft Punk. And usually when people think of remixing Daft Punk (dare they even contemplate such a thing), the last place they look is their Tron: Legacy album, yet… here we are.

And the thing about this remix is that even though there’s some Daft Punk at its core, it’s so unmistakably theirs own style now that it boggles the mind. Here you have one of the most legendary producer duos that has ever existed, and this person just took one of their tracks and remixed the ever-loving fuck out of it.

I know this is the most I’ve cursed in an article in a while, and it’s a bit unprofessional, but whoever 1788-L is has so much potential it’s mind boggling. It’s been years since an artist has come out of nowhere like this and made as much of a splash. The stats on the SoundCloud track alone are impressive without even taking the comments into account, which are 100% positive, by the way.

So who is 1788-L? Who the fuck cares, this is dope.