The name says it all. EDM fan or not, I believe bacon and pancakes is something that unites us all. Even better, it’s the title to Shane 54’s latest EP that is hot off the presses, signed to the prestigious ZeroThree Records. A four day techno cruise in the Mediterranean was the inspiration for this EP and, according to Shane 54, the song titles were there (“Eat More Bacon” and “Pancakes for Breakfast”) right from the start.

This EP takes a slightly different route than what we’ve heard from him lately. It’s a little more underground, with captivating grooves and perfectly arranged progressions. His sounds are impeccable, truly taking you on a beautiful, hypnotic journey. ‘Bacon & Pancakes’ is yet another great EP from Shane 54, and a good one to cool you off during these hot summer days.

Accompanying the EP release is a video created during Shane 54’s recent trip to New York City where he played at the famed venue, Cielo. Soundtracked with music from the EP, the video is comprised of Shane 54 hanging out with fans, strutting his dance moves, and even offering a mini-cooking demonstration of a meal I can’t pronounce, but looks incredibly tasty. See it for yourself below!