Hard to believe it’s been four years since Showtek and David Guetta first teamed up for their gargantuan smash hit “Bad.” The two artists have become frequent collaborators since then and now they’ve dropped their newest track on the world, “Your Love.” Hearkening back to ’90s house sounds, the track still features some trademark Showtek production elements and the drop should fit well into both artists’ live sets.

The track starts out with a ’90s sounding house beat with chopped vocals singing “Show me your love” over the intro. From there it goes into a classic Showtek synth riff and drum buildup before the drop sees the same synth riff return, but backed by a heavy bassline, that again, recalls 90s house tracks. It’s not the most original or innovative chord progression, but it gets your body moving!

“Your Love” continues a recent trend of EDM artists finding inspiration in 90s and early-2000s rave sounds, and it is truly refreshing to hear. Make sure to catch Showtek on one of their upcoming US tour dates, it’s a live show you’ll never forget.

JULY 27: Premier Nightclub, Atlantic City, NJ, USA
SEPTEMBER 15: LIV Nightclub, Miami, FL, USA
SEPTEMBER 17: Grand, Boston, MA, USA
SEPTEMBER 18: Mashantucket, CT, USA

Check out David Guetta & Showtek’s “Your Love” below.