Who says music has to be serious? This new cut from Matroda out today on Dim Mak called “Beef Stick” is destined to become one of those vocal anthems that gets the crowd going simply by virtue of that crazy sample. That isn’t to say the production isn’t fire, either…

“Beef Stick” wastes no time in getting to the meat of the track (I’m so sorry) – a brief drum loops, some short vocals, and we’re off the races. The cheeky vocals are only further accentuated by the tight and boisterous production, inspiring feet to move and arms to flail.

“What’s that one song that goes ‘she giggle thought of you, said you had a pencil dick’?” your friend will ask.

“Why, that’s ‘Beef Stick’ by Matroda,” you’ll answer.

Check it out below.