Sam Feldt lends his amazing production on a new track “Heaven (Don’t Have A Name),” but it’s the feature that really has our attention. Actor Jeremy Renner supplies his vocals on the collaboration in a twist we didn’t see coming.

Apparently Feldt has been a huge fan of Renner’s acting for some time and reached out to work with him. Known for his roles in The Hurt Locker and the Avengers series, now the star can add an EDM feature to his long list of credits. Hey, we live in a world where Steve Aoki wants to collab with Elon Musk, so this isn’t too weird or anything.

Much of Sam Feldt’s music focuses on love and this release is no exception. With lyrics that have the same appeal as your favorite classic rock song and a drop as euphoric as this one, “Heaven” is sure to hit right in the feels. A few plays through and it grows on us a little more each time.

Listen here and let us know what you think of this unexpected collab!

Sam Feldt – Heaven (Don’t Have A Name) featuring Jeremy Renner


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